Thursday, May 26, 2016

Graduation Day 2016

Today my baby boy graduated from high school. It was an emotional day for me!!! My father and his girlfriend drove down for the event. Chris' mother flew down. We invited our good friends, the Washburn family, too. Eric Washburn happens to also be our personal photographer. Here are some pictures from our day.

The day started with some light rain. The rain stopped about 10 minutes before the ceremony began. And then it was hot & muggy! Graduation started at 9:00 am. There was at least one medical emergency in the stands. I was pushing water bottles on our group so no one would get dehydrated. T

My eyes were a little teary during the processional. Because James hasn't had a hair cut in a few months, he was easy to spot because of his hair.

I had to use bobby pins to get hold his mortar board on him. He bumped it as he exited the car and never got it straightened again. So throughout the ceremony, his cap was tilted way to one side.

Another teary moment for me was the recessional. I did okay during the rest of the ceremony.

There were 550 graduates. The whole ceremony was finished at 10:30.

We had everyone over for brunch afterwards. Eric took some family pictures for us there.

James with his Grandma Pat. (Chris' Mom)

James with my Dad, Grandpa Karl.

The family

Brother & Sister

James and parents

The four of us

Another family shot

James and his friend, Tyler (son of our photographer friend)

James with his kitty, Scout

We are so proud of this guy!!!!