Monday, December 15, 2014

Myrtle Beach in November

Over Thanksgiving Break, we drove up to Myrtle Beach. It was our first time there. The weather was icky - cold and rainy for the whole trip. We ended up coming back a day earlier than we planned. November is off season for Myrtle Beach and a good number of businesses were closed for the season. With all that being said, it was still good to get away for a while.

We stayed in this condo right on the beach. It is an older building & being renovated but it was okay. The indoor pool & hot tub were being redone, so we couldn't use them. It was fun being right on the beach.

View from our 2nd floor unit.

We went to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum outside of Charleston. This was a fabulous outing. Here we are in front of the USS Yorktown.

Checking out some of the exhibits.

Chris out on the upper deck.

Hannah enjoyed sitting in the bridge. 

It was beginning to get dark when we went to see the US Clamagore. At this point, I was in desperate need of a women's room & chose to skip the submarine. I didn't think I would survive all the climbing!

The kids thought it was fun pulling themselves through the doorways. My bladder was glad that I decided to skip this!

Hannah's legs peeking out. After seeing their pictures, I was really glad that I skipped this! I've been through a couple different submarines before - been there, done that.

There was a neat Vietnam exhibit. Here's Hannah sitting in one of the helicopters in that section.
Hannah & Chris did some running on the beach. 
 Hannah spent as much time as she could on the beach. Here she was writing all of the names of her friends in the sand for an Instagram post. When we went back to it, other people had added their names, too.

We explored an outdoor shopping center one evening. We made the kids pose for a picture.

We went on the marsh walk at Murrell's Inlet.

Stopped and did a couple of Geo Caches, too.

Not sure if we'll try to go back to Myrtle's Beach during the peak season. It was very touristy had a lot of the same things that are in other touristy destinations.