Thursday, April 24, 2014

England Trip {Brighton}

We absolutely loved Brighton. Brighton is often referred to as "London by the Sea".

We walked to the  Brighton Pier on Sunday, our first full day in town.

View from the pier.

The weather was in the low 60's and sunny. We were surprised at how crowded the beach was.

View of the pier from the beach.

This is the old West Pier.

Brighton Beach is a shingle beach. I wasn't familiar with that term. But basically, it's a beach made up of small stones instead of sand. There were sandy patches close to the water, but nothing like what we're accustomed to. We were walking in our shoes, but there were lots of people walking barefoot on the stones. And people were sitting directly on it, too.

The Brighton Fishing Museum is located on the beach.

The museum is home to Mr. Punch & Judy.

Punch & Judy was a popular seaside puppet show that begin in the 1600's.

We enjoyed shopping in The Lanes. The Lanes is a bunch of narrow lanes and alley ways with small shops and restaurants.

There are some beautiful churches in Brighton.

Brighton has a large train station. The station was about a 10 minute walk from our house. 

Chris & I had tea at this little shop.

Tea time

We saw one red telephone booth in Brighton. It wasn't functional, but it did help us on several occasions by letting us know that we were headed in the right direction.

This is the Royal Pavilion. This was built as a seaside palace for George, Prince of Wales who later became the Prince Regent, then King George IV. This was his "pleasure palace". My sister's wedding took place here. We took a tour of the pavilion the day before the wedding. Photos were not permitted inside on the tour, but we were able to get some during Bethany's wedding.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

England Trip {Arundel Castle}

Mid-week during our trip to Brighton, we took a train to Arundel to tour the castle. We took 2 trains and then made the 10 minute walk to get to the castle.

We had to walk past this farm to get to the town. I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Here's a picture of the main street in Arundel.

And then we have the castle.

I had been to a couple of castles in Germany back in 1990, but they were empty. Not only was this castle furnished, it is also inhabited by the current Duke of Norfolk and his family. There were several different tour options. We paid for the "gold" tour which allowed us to see many of the rooms inside. We did not get to see the bedrooms. Those were reserved for the "gold plus" tours.

Unfortunately, photography wasn't permitted inside the castle, but we did take many photos of the exterior.

Here's a view from the keep which shows just how massive a structure it was.

There were lots of walking paths outside.

And beautiful gardens.

When we finished our tour of the castle & gardens, we stopped for a pint at a local pub before heading back to Brighton.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

England Trip {The Pubs}

We enjoyed several pubs in Brighton. There were so many within walking distance of our house. We drank the local ales/lagers whenever we could. I was pleased that most of them were served somewhat cool. I was prepared for room temperature beer. 
This first one is the Pull & Pump. We ate dinner here & enjoyed a couple of pints. 

Chris enjoyed a pint at the Heart & Hand while I had some cider.

We went to the Robin Hood for dinner one evening. Of course, we had a pint or two. They had a fabulous selection of flavored vodkas that they make. I tried one that tasted like a Werthers candy.

Almost every beer, ale, lager we had anywhere on our trip was served in a glass with the name of the drink on it.

The Hampton Arms was super close to our house. We ate dinner here.

I enjoyed an ale sampler.

We stopped at the Red Lion after our visit to Arundel Castle.

Chris took a picture of me with my beverage.

We stopped for a drink at the Brighton Tavern.

The Windmill was also very close to our house. We stopped for drinks & lunch.  

I enjoyed a glass of pear cider here.
Bethany & Warwick hosted a "welcome" dinner at Cricketers the night before the wedding.  

Chris & Bethany enjoying their beverages.

Dad had a pint.

And here is my Uncle Ken (Dad's brother) with a pint.

The wedding reception was held at the Coach House in Brighton. It was more of a restaurant with a bar, but I decided to include it in our tour of pubs.

We went earlier in the week with Bethany & Warwick for a wine tasting so they could decide what wines to serve at the reception. While they were busy finalizing details, Chris enjoyed a pint.

Here is Chris with Shawn. She was in charge of the reception details. We got to spend some time with her during the wine tasting. Here Chris is trying some Scottish whiskey.